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Work Smarter, Not Harder

My company’s tagline is “increasing your business productivity through technology.” To me, that means working smarter, not harder. Any process you can automate—as long as it doesn’t need human creativity and judgment—is a bonus.

In my work as a tech writer, if I had to manually change 25 headlines into Arial 14, centered and bolded, it would take 100 commands. Creating and applying a “style” is definitely smart.    

How does Imprezzio help people work smarter? Our generic platform can be customized to automate workflows in any industry, saving you time and money. 

In a Seattle Post-Intelligencer article, blogger Mark Craemer writes about increasing productivity through mindfulness. That’s another great way to “work smarter”—by slowing down and really paying attention—and it’s free.

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Holly Doering has been a member of the Imprezzio team since July of 2012. She holds a Master's Degree from Eastern Washington University and is a former top blogger for the Better Business Bureau's nation-wide blog. She learns something new about technology every day, and it never gets old.

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