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How to Build Community Goodwill

My friends at our Romanian subsidiary, Imprezzio Global, competed in a duathelon in Cluj recently. That’s a footrace followed by bicycling, I think. Imprezzio Global was a partner in organizing and hosting the duathlon.

This got me to thinking about how companies can build relationships with their communities. The answer is pretty simple. Help out. One obvious way is to assist local charities–either financially, or by volunteering your time. The website Small Biz Trends even mentions it as a business trend! Benjamin Franklin called it “doing well by doing good.” At Imprezzio, our staff has volunteered to participate in:

What needs in your community speak to you and your staff? Which causes are a good fit for your business? Thanks for joining us for another Imprezzio Instant!

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Holly Doering has been a member of the Imprezzio team since July of 2012. She holds a Master's Degree from Eastern Washington University and is a former top blogger for the Better Business Bureau's nation-wide blog. She learns something new about technology every day, and it never gets old.

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